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Winter Proof your Skin

As the leaves change colour and a chill emerges in the air it’s time to think about protecting your skin from the cold winter conditions.

Cold outdoor temperatures with a chilly wind, combined with indoor heating, take a toll on the skin. The harsh elements can leave your skin prone to dryness, redness, tightness, flaking, inflammation, and itching.

So how do you maintain a healthy rosy glow without becoming a dry red mess?


It’s important to climate control your skin seasonally.

Seeking out the services of a professional skin therapist makes sense, particularly as the seasons change.

Your skin therapist will consult with you, identify any gaps in your current regime, and devise the best treatment plan with product choices to keep your skin beautifully hydrated and glowing throughout Winter.

When in doubt the experts are there to help you out to stop your skin from drying out.

The HB Beauty Team are always here for you.


When the weather is cold it feels so good to stay in the hot shower or bath just that little bit longer to warm up.

But the intense water heater breaks down the lipid barrier in the skin resulting in moisture loss.

Keep your water temperature lukewarm, not hot, and only stay in the water for the required amount of time it takes to bathe.

Avoid soap and use a mild ph balanced shower lotion instead.

Consider using an oil-based exfoliator on your body or adding a body oil to your bathwater to prevent moisture loss.

If your skin feels itchy consider having a colloidal oatmeal bath.

Oatmeal contains anti-inflammatory and moisture-retaining properties which can soothe and calm irritated skin.

Remember to pat your skin dry with your towel rather than rubbing it harshly.

Always slather your body with moisturiser and oil after bathing to provide your skin with long-lasting hydration which prevents itching.

Ask your skin therapist for their recommended body products.


Gentle exfoliation removes redundant skin cells and other impurities which accumulate on your skin.

It encourages cell turnover and allows your skincare products to penetrate better.

Exfoliation allows your skin to look radiant, dewy and fresh.

At home, it is safe to gently exfoliate once or twice a week. (HB Skin Facial Polish is perfect to use in the shower.)

But consider taking things up a notch in Winter by booking in for a deeper peel with your skin therapist.

Suggesting that you have a higher strength professional peel when your skin feels dry and tight may sound counterintuitive.

But because we have less sun exposure Winter is the perfect time to invest in salon strength enzymatic or hydroxy acid skin peels and laser treatments.

Peels will not only keep your skin moist and hydrated but can also specifically target your pigmentation, lines, wrinkles or redness.

Winter is also the season to indulge in more frequent salon facial treatments to feed and nourish your skin at a deeper level.

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So once you have cleansed and exfoliated your skin the key step in staying hydrated throughout Winter is moisturising.

Take a look at your skincare products and review whether they are adequate for the harsher Winter months.

You may need to switch out your cleanser and moisturiser to more nourishing ones.

The most effective Winter moisturisers are enriched with ceramides, Natural Moisturising factors, vitamins and minerals, and lipids to leave your skin feeling smooth, soft, hydrated and protected.

It can be beneficial to layer an oil or hydrating serum before your moisturiser for added long-lasting Winter hydration.


Just like your skin on the outside your body needs nourishment from within to remain healthy.

Studies suggest that 80% of your immune system is located in the gut.

Eating good healthy fats rich in omega 3’s helps to reduce inflammation, resist viruses and feed the skin and brain.

Eat plenty of colour rich foods to provide your skin and body with antioxidants preventing free radical damage.

Limit alcohol and caffeine ingestion as they can be dehydrating.

Drink lots of water

This will keep you looking and feeling younger for longer and glowing healthily all through Winter.